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S’up dudes and dudettes? I didn’t blog yesterday, did you miss me? Clearly you did, as lots of you were on the site reading about being a growed up. Either that or I have a stalker that read that post 28 times. I think I’m comfortable with either situation.

I’m starting to feel like I’m back on the train after the distraction of all that festive bollocks. I think I may have even been suffering a slight depression without realising it, because after a couple of productive days I feel a lot like myself again.

Once my head cleared I felt able to make a handful of big(ish) decisions, so a few things have changed for the year ahead as a result. For starters, I’ve decided to cancel my solo show. I’m still figuring out whereabouts I belong on the theatre/comedy worlds, and I think it’s somewhere in between. I’m going to take some time out from writing/performing my own shows while I work this out. Figuratively, I’m gonna put it about a bit until I feel like I’m ready to settle down.

I had a catch-up meeting about Hove Grown today, and technical bits and bobs are starting to fall into place, so we’re about to pick up traction on the workload for that too. I don’t want to jinx it but so far it all feels amazingly smooth… (If you’re a participant and you’re reading this, you’ll be getting an substantial update by email very soon.)

Yesterday I started my training as one of the new game hosts for the Bewilder Box team. I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in. As a game it ticks all my boxes – sci-fi, fun, challenging, surprising, and truly atmospheric. It’s going to be great fun helping others through it too. I still geek out at the “air lock” entrance, and the set design is amazing. And with a new game in construction (featuring Norman frickin’ Lovett, no less!), it’s only going to get more exciting!

I’ve also recorded my first video audition, which I was quietly pleased with (I normally hate them), and some of the random shit I ordered just after Christmas has started to arrive in the post. I’m particularly please with a couple of cheap softboxes I ordered – they’re going to make my studio-based photography so much easier.

My arm in a wrist wrap

My super-cool wrist wrap that makes me look like a shit wrestler.

I had another growed-up moment too! I can’t remember if I mentioned earlier that during the panto run I slipped and fell heavily on my left wrist. I’ve been in pain every time I twist my wrist for a few weeks now – until yesterday – when I spotted a wrist compression bandage on the pound shop. Best pound I’ve ever spent! The pain is still there when it’s not on, but at least I’m able to get on with life without worrying about it now. Of course, I haven’t actually discussed this with a physio or doctor or anything, so I might actually be making it worse, but… well… fuck it. Sometimes the most obvious solutions are the best. And sometimes they cause irreparable damage for life. BUT THEM’S THE BREAKS, RIGHT?

Actually, as I type this, my wrist is aching. BUT I’M SURE IT’S FINE.

Dribs and drabs of paid work have started to come in as well, which is good. I mean, it’s not enough to pay the rent, but you can’t have everything.

And tonight – get this – I GET TO GO OUT AND BE SOCIABLE! Yeah, that’s right, I’ve given myself the night off to go and play the new Globalls course because I’m so fucking cool. And if that’s not enough, we’re also going bowling like a bunch of pre-pubescent teenagers. We will clearly be the coolest people in the Marina tonight.

And don’t worry, I use my uninjured wrist for bowling.

It’s my wanking wrist that’s injured.

5th January 2018

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