Guy Walsh: Speaker

Something Different

As a speaker, I bring a fresh perspective to the table, diving into the world of ADHD and Neurodivergence in an energetic and entertaining way.

From exploring the impact of attitudes in the performing arts on neurodivergent people to revealing the untapped potential of your neurodivergent staff, my talks are thought-provoking and entertaining.

Discover why making things better for neurodivergent people benefits everyone, and how ADHD can be an exceptional ally for problem-solving. Whether you’re a neurotypical leader, part of a neurodivergent conference, or an arts organisation seeking new insights, I hope to leave you inspired with my captivating and insightful talks .

With both in-person and virtual event options, my unique perspective will leave a lasting impression.

I believe in embracing neurodiversity and celebrating the power of different. Join me on this journey, and let’s create a more inclusive and innovative world together.

Topics Covered

The following is a list of titles of available talks. Talks can be adjusted for your audience and new topic requests are welcomed.


  • How making things better for neurodivergent people makes things better for everyone
  • Neurodivergent people in the performing arts: making acting more accessible
  • Neurodivergent people in the performing arts: why we’re drawn to creative pursuits
  • Why running your own business can work for neurodivergent/disabled people
  • Why people with ADHD make great problem-solvers
  • Releasing the potential of your neurodivergent staff
  • Neurodivergent people and entrepreneurship
  • Managing neurodivergent people: good and bad examples
  • Lessons learned from 41 years of masking: from neurotypical to neurodivergent
  • ADHD and entrepreneurship: Beyond Mindset