The Voice of Reason

Me as Dr Hasselhoff with D.A.V.E. in the background.

Originally performed at Brighton Fringe under the name Triggered, the show was renamed for Leicester and Nottingham dates later in the year due to the negative associated with right-wing “comedians” and their similarly-named shows.

Promotional Blurb

In a world where people lose their shit over everything from politics to pineapple on pizza, Guy wonders if we’ve lost track of what makes us human. Come and join him on his race to the bottom.

Press release for September 2019 show

Brighton comedian Guy Wah performs his explosive Brighton Fringe show Triggered: The Voice of Reason? at the Duke of Wellington this September.

Guy describes his show as “a non-political show about societal politics”, suggesting that rather than sitting on a political spectrum that runs from left to right, maybe we’re all part of an explosive circle just waiting to be triggered:

“It’s not about saying there are right-wing extremists and left-wing extremists, it’s about asking everyone to take a collective deep breath and review what’s really happening before we react to sensationalised headlines. I mean, when you think about it, is there even such a thing as a left or right-wing extremist? Actually, yes. Yes, there is. Shut up Guy.”

Some people like to go to comedy nights to hide from their problems. Guy prefers to line those problems up and attack them head-on. Describing audience response to the show during the work-in-progress run at Brighton Fringe 2019, Guy says that he had to manage a range of reactions:

“It’s amazing. For some people the suggestion that we could all get along if we stop dividing ourselves into groups is just too much. Ironically the idea seems to split the audience.”

The divisive audience response to his performance has triggered (see what we did there?) Guy to take show further afield, with dates booked for Leicester and Nottingham later in the year.

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