UK-based troublemaker

A professional actor since 2011, I’ve mainly made my living through interactive and immersive experiences.

In 2021, at 41, I discovered that I have ADHD.

Since then, I’ve viewed my life through a new lens, giving me a unique perspective on the ups and downs of my performing and non-performing careers.

My Expertise

I’ve only left this section in because I made myself laugh with all the possible scenarios I could have put in those bars.

  • Empathy 92% 92%
  • Disruption 94% 94%
  • Memory 47% 47%
  • Improvisation 85% 85%
  • Problem-solving 82% 82%
  • Communication 97% 97%
Photo by David Myers

My Story

There’s not much I haven’t done in life. As well as running a number of my own businesses, and working in a tonne of different sectors, I’ve also performed in the wrestling business, as an escape room host, and in my own one-person shows.


Professional Actor

Appearing in theatre and film since 2011


Stand Up Comedian

Performing self-written one-person shows


Podcast Host

New podcast coming soon


ADHD Speaker

Champion for ADHD awareness, including lived exprerience of good and bad leadership


Wrestling Personality

Stickman McTaggart – wrestling manager and commentator


Escape Room Host

Entertaining customers at Bewilder Box in Brighton for over two years



Singer-songwriter and guitarist



Owner of Guy Walsh Photography and Kind & Curious