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Pushing out the shit
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Gotta push out the crap

Yeah I know, my titles are getting worse. But when you think about it, they’re also getting “a bit meta”, as I believe the kids say.

Today has consisted of waking up, falling back asleep again, going to the gym, panic-writing what I thought was an eight-minute set, having dinner, doing my washing and then performing to two people at the Richmond Comedy Club.

I have also subscribed to NJPW online, meaning I can watch Wrestle Kingdom 12 at 8am tomorrow morning.

There is method to this madness. Today was actually pretty productive. When I’m writing I often distract myself by doing other low priority admin tasks, so within the panic there were some small oases of calm. Since the new year I’ve also been getting up later and later, so by setting myself the joyful challenge of watching my first ever Wrestle Kingdom tomorrow morning, I have a positive reason to get up in the morning. Usually it just takes one early start to get me back into a better sleeping routine, and my diary is starting to fill with important appointments now so this will by the catalyst to start the year properly now.

The show tonight was interesting. There were certainly a good number of people in the pub, but only two were paying attention. I had a good chat with the promoter and the headliner though, so I definitely got something from it. I recorded the set and I’ve already listened back. It was 13 minutes. THIRTEEN! How did that happen? It was eight minutes when I rehearsed it earlier. I guess those couple of improvved bits I threw in went on longer than I wanted. I’m also starting to realise how long my set-ups are. Time to do some chopping, methinks.

Also, a confession: I cheated. I only actually wrote about four minutes of fresh material. I started panicking so I dug out last year’s set and edited it a bit. Not enough, clearly. I also realised after the show that those were the bits that I didn’t include in Professional Arsehole, and, well… there was clearly a reason for that.

Still, onwards and upwards. Gotta keep pushing the shit out to… err… clear the colon? I should probably have thought that analogy through before I started typing it out. Although actually, it may well be appropriate.

I’ve got say that I’m loving writing these blogs. It’s definitely fuelling something in me, but I’m not sure what. Maybe it’s helping me be more confident in being me? Or helping me clear my head? Not sure. I definitely feel good for writing them though.


I’ve just been looking at castings on Spotlight. I really wish I had confidence in my singing voice as there are a few roles in musicals that I’d love to audition for. I don’t even know my range or what my classification is. I keep toying with getting some one-to-one, but I just can’t commit to the expenditure until I know I have a regular income. I was hoping to do ACT‘s musical theatre course starting in January, but they haven’t yet confirm the dates and I can’t find anything else similar locally. There are probably a few options in London, but once you add on the train fare, this usually doubles the cost.

Why are the adverts for betting companies always the best paid ones? Bastards.

Anyone want to pay me to act in anything? Ah go on….

3rd January 2018

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