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Call for one-act comedy play submissions

In preparation for next year’s Brighton Fringe, I’m looking to put on a new comedy in November or December this year. I will take on the role of promoter/producer and will seek out appropriate director/cast/backstage/marketing etc. This will be a on a profit-share basis.

In 2013 I co-produced Housemates The Sitcom – which sold out a 100 capacity venue over a three-night run and made a significant profit. Though I obviously can’t promise the same again, what I can do is offer an open-book policy and work collaboratively with all involved.

So what am I looking for?

I’m keeping an open mind, although the running time should be somewhere around 40 minutes to one hour. I’m keen to work in the comedy or comedy-drama genre, and I’m limiting it to one act for the ease of production. I want to work with fresh, contemporary material – preferably set within the last 10 years, or (even better) the future.

Just to be clear – this is for production in November/December this year only – NOT at Brighton Fringe next year, as I already have a script ready.

One final thing – this will be done a low-to-no budget, so high-tech or prop/set-heavy scripts will be unlikely to be staged. I may look to crowdfund for limited specific costs.

Please DO NOT…

…contact me yet with expressions of interest in directing or acting. There will be a full casting process in due course. If you have an interest in working backstage, however, please feel free to contact me.

Also, please only make contact if your script is complete and ready to send. Works-in-progress will only be accepted if they’re incredibly close to completion.

How to submit

Please email me at using this form to express interest. In your initial contact, please be sure to include:

  1. Your name and contact details
  2. A brief summary/synopsis of your script – please DO NOT send scripts in just yet!
  3. Any conditions/restraints you would want to include

I will reply to all emails in due course, so no need to call or send a follow-up email.


I will remain open for submissions until such time as I have settled on a script. I will post another blog once a script has been selected, and add a note here also. UPDATE: Submissions are now closed.

29th June 2014

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