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London Improvisers wanted!

Right, I’ve decided that it’s about time I improvised regularly as part of a group. Small problem being that I don’t know a great number of people in London, so I’m looking to put together a group of like-minded individuals with a view to creating a new show.

Just to be clear – this is a blank piece of paper. I’m looking for people with ideas, who enjoy working as part of a small team, including sharing all the admin tasks. My only suggestion at this stage is that I’d like to create a troupe that can work both short-form and long-form shows, so experience in both would be useful.

Initially I’m looking just to meet a handful of people, maybe even one or two. Then we’ll see if we can work together and look at auditioning for members to create a bigger troupe in due course.

Use the form below to contact me if that interests you, and we’ll meet up for a coffee in the first instance. Let me know what interests you about the project, your experience in short-form and long-form, and your contact details.

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26th January 2014

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