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London Actors Skills Exchange

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What is it?

Actors are a funny bunch. On screen and on stage, we rely on each other. We work as a team, we develop friendships and incredibly strong bonds. Yet, outside of productions, we’re pretty terrible at talking to each other.

But this event is more than just a simple networking event. This event is designed to enable us all to develop skills while at the same time saving money.

Every single one of us has a skill or piece of knowledge that we could share with other actors, and every one of us has an area that we’d like to develop.

This event is designed to facilitate the sharing of those skills.

Who’s it for?

Actors who are generous and like to share.

Professional actors of any level of experience, whether you’ve been in the industry for ten years or ten minutes. We all have skills, knowledge and training that we can use to help each other. From help with accents, to training in improv skills, to swapping knowledge of sources of casting information, to helping set up a theatre company. You may be able to teach someone to play an instrument or you may be an experienced actor able to provide mentoring for newer actors. Whatever your skills or background, this event is for you.

This event is NOT for tutors/trainers looking to sell their wares. This event is about sharing skills, not selling them.

This event is also not suitable for people who are not interested in collaborating or sharing with peers.

What will happen?

There will be some introductory games, a very short introductory talk and then the best part – the skill swap will be facilitated.

There will then be informal networking afterwards.

Sounds great! Where and when?

Please note that due to limited space, you need to book your place in advance. Use the link on the right hand side to book your ticket now!

Where: The Community Space at Church Street Library, 68 Church Street, London, NW8 8EU. Nearest tubes Edgware Road or Marylebone (both a five minute walk). Click here for a local map.

When: Monday 25th November 2013 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

What do I need to bring with me?

A pen and an open mind. It would also be helpful to have a good think beforehand about the skills or knowledge that you can offer to your peers, but don’t worry if you go blank, we’ll be playing a couple of games to get you thinking before we start. Everyone has skills or knowledge they are able to exchange – take a look at the list at the bottom of the page to give you some ideas!

What will happen afterwards?

All offers and requests for skills and knowledge will be taken away and sorted, and matching requests will be put in contact with each other. There is also the possibility of starting a time-bank. A time-bank scheme means actors can gain hours by providing skills or knowledge, and then cash them in with other participants. A pilot scheme would be developed to test this process if there is enough interest.


Examples of skills and knowledge that could be shared could include:

  • career coaching/mentoring for newbies
  • singing lessons
  • instrument lessons
  • movement coaching
  • voice coaching
  • improv coaching
  • accent work (even if it’s your own!)
  • mask work
  • line-learning partner
  • tax knowledge
  • business knowledge
  • setting up a theatre company
  • monologue knowledge
  • play knowledge
  • training opportunities
  • sources of casting info
  • plus probably a thousand things that won’t fit on this list!

Full details and booking at


14th November 2013

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