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Where did July go?

Ooh, over a month since my last blog? What has been going on then? Well, lots of stuff actually. Not sure I can remember much of it, mind.

I guess the biggest thing has been a push for my photography. I’ve finally created my own photography website and I’ve started a new project stalking cats in Brighton, which immediately got the attention of the local press. On top of that I’ve had a busy month working my boring day job, and I’ve re-launched the SussexActors.co.uk website too.

Speaking of which, it was great to host the networking event at The Rialto on Tuesday 31st July – the third anniversary of the launch of the site. My original low-key plans to show off the website downstairs in the bar were thrown out when it transpired that my cheap eBay projector (no, I never learn), although good enough to project films and TV programmes, did not have enough clarity to show the website in all its glory. Luckily the wonderful guys at The Rialto jumped in and offered the use of the projector above the stage, meaning that I ended up presenting the new website on the stage and with a wall-size projection behind me.

Guy looking sexy and buff getting out of the sea

Oh yeah, I went swimming in the sea too. Here’s me looking ultra-sexy and buff getting out of the water.

The other great thing to come from this was the chance to answer questions about the site. It wasn’t something that I’d planned for, but a few people came forward with questions and so I opened the floor to more. In doing so I realised that no one had really heard my plans for the site from my own mouth, and no one had been able to ask about behind-the-scenes stuff and future plans. I was also able to talk about parts of the site that I had previously tried to develop that had never reached completion, and explain why. People were also able to provide suggestions for improvements to me directly, which was also more than welcome. The whole thing was bizarrely cathartic. I’m planning more events across Sussex so no doubt more questions and suggestions will be forthcoming.

A bonus of a very busy month is that I was able to book myself a trip to Edinburgh on a whim – yay! I’m going for three days/two nights next week, and I’m planning on cramming in as many shows as humanly possible during that time. I wish I could spend more time there, but realistically I can’t afford it as it comes with a loss of work as well as the costs of flights, accommodation and subsistence.

I foolishly tried to book some more podcasts guests for How To Be a Man. They’re all interested, but the reality is that summer is not a good time for most of them. Either due to family commitment, Edinburgh commitments, or holidays. I’m still hoping to release the series this year – watch this space.

One final development – I’m finally going to start wrestling training in the next few weeks. I’ve spoken face-to-face with one of the trainers at the school I want to go to, and she was fantastic in reassuring me that I will be treated with respect and not pushed like the 20-year-olds at the school. It feels like a whole new chapter and after a fantastic three days of Riptide action last week, I’m stupidly excited about it!

7th August 2018

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