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Being a growed up
Bandaged fingers

Cuts on three fingers. Not one, but three. This is truly an advanced stage of idiocy.

Today’s life lesson: If a bowl looks cracked and you think it’s a good idea to gently pull it apart to see how close to snapping it is – DON’T. I seriously thought I was going to end up in A&E at one point, as my middle finger didn’t want to stop bleeding. Thankfully I am a growed up and managed to bandage it all better myself, and now no-one needs to know.

Amazingly, this was my second stupid act of the day. The first was to book myself on to the open mic at The Richmond tomorrow night without having any material fully developed. I have since managed to write three minutes, but I have recorded it and listened and back and I’m pretty confident in saying that it’s pretty crap. Oh well, gotta start somewhere.

I’ll probably end up digging out some stuff that I wrote and never used last year and using that to fill out the time. I’m pretty sure that some of it was decent.

I’ve reached that point again. The one I wrote about last night/this morning – the brick wall. I sat down with my notes to mine them for material, but I just couldn’t seem to get anywhere, and now I’m tired and cold and can’t seem to break through. So I thought I’d come and waffle on here instead.

My desk, covered in notepads

Hopefully this makes me look a little more intellectual.

I do stuff like this sometimes – like booking myself onto open mic nights with no material. I guess I’m hoping it forces me to produce something, but then it’s also contrasted by the fact that I usually struggle to write under pressure.

Fuck it. We’ll see how tomorrow goes, I guess…

I’ve had a productive day overall though. I’ve applied for a couple of castings and some promo work, done some self-employed and Hove Grown admin, and made a booking to do something that I’ve always wanted to. No details yet, only to help with my self-control as I don’t want to get carried away.

I’ve still not developed this routine I keep talking about. Maybe I’ll crack on with that now. Or maybe I’ll play Fifa for a bit. Hmm….

2nd January 2018

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