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Fringe festival fliering for £5 per hour! #brightonfringe #edfringe

Do you need someone to flier for your show at Brighton Fringe? (EDIT: Now available at Edinburgh Fringe too!)

I’m currently offering three options to suit all budgets and needs:

1. The budget option

I will hand out your fliers for just £5 per hour. Perfect if you’re on a restricted budget. The catch? I’ll also be handing out someone else’s fliers too, meaning that I will purely be distributing fliers and unable to engage in great detail with customers. A minimum of two bookings is needed to make this happen. You can either partner up with another show yourself, or give me a call on 07890 063830 and I will see if I can find another show interested in this option.

2. The engaging option

For £10 per hour I will promote your show and your show only. I am happy to wear promotional clothes/character outfits and I will engage with people to discuss the show when possible. Where possible, it’s helpful for me to see the show beforehand. I love street theatre too, so happy to work on some sort of act, if you so desire.

3. The door-to-door option (not available at Edinburgh)

For £20 per 500 addresses I will drop fliers through doors locally. This will be done ethically (i.e. ‘no junk mail’ signs will be obeyed) and the cost can be reduced to £13 per 500 addresses if you double-up with another show, or £10 per 500 if you are happy to treble-up. This is a particularly useful option if you are performing in a residential area. We did this last year with our show at the Hanover Community Centre and we sold just shy of 100 tickets per night over three nights.

Interested? Contact me. Need other support? For example sound & light, stage management or crew? Click here for more information.

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10th May 2014

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